Live-2-Create-Project Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Orange County NY. All proceeds go towards 4 main programs.


Provide a forum for individuals of all ages to showcase their talents with stage performances in music, dance and visual arts. The performances will be held in front of a live audience in a variety of venues.


Inter-generational Senior Scholarship Program where interested students showcase their talents in nursing homes, senior centers, homeless shelters, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and similar venues. We know there is a tremendous amount of talent in the area to give back to the community and at the same time earn a Community Service Certificate from L2CP for a college applications.


The Live-2-Create Project organization has been providing a stage for the youth to perform on for the past 5 years. We are now accepting student sign up for our Youth Movement Program. We are seeking local youth musicians from ages 7-21 to get an opportunity to taste the thrill of LIVE performance and gain some valuable experience and confidence. All types of instruments are needed. You will be practicing in a recording studio for live events by your choice of either solo, duet, group or band. You will get a chance to play with a local working band where you will rehearse 2 or 3 songs and add your part to a local gig. We are also contacted to provide talent for fund-raisers and community events which you will now be a part of. You will be on your way up!


Provide musical instruments and music instruction to children from low-income families throughout the Mid-Hudson region. We have support of Office of the Aging and Orange County Youth Bureau. We have been helping our youth become all they can be by giving them many opportunities to perfect their craft and give them the edge they need to excel over the completion in the music industry by providing music education through performance. We are innovators for the musical youth as well as the local music scene.



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